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Fastställd 2023-10-05

Management och tolkning av kulturarv (AKG27R)

H3EVP (HT23, 50%, Dag, Normal, Borlänge, Omg. 1, ORD)


  • Smith, M., & Robinson, M. (2006). Cultural Tourism in a Changing World: Politics, Participation and (Re)presentation [Elektronisk resurs]. Channel View Publications. 315 s. Hämtad från ISBN: 1-84541-045-9
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  • Spenceley, A. (Red.). (2008). Responsible tourism : critical issues for conservation and development (1 uppl.). London: EARTHSCAN. ISBN: 978-1-84407-639-0
    Bok / Antologi
  • Cheer, J., & Lew, A. (2018). Tourism, resilience and sustainability: Adapting to social, political and economic change [Elektronisk resurs]. (1 uppl.). Routledge. DOI:
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  • Jimura, T. (2019). World heritage sites: Tourism, local communities and conservation activities [Elektronisk resurs]. (1 uppl.). CABI. Hämtad från
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  • A list of articles from international journals and other published sources within the fields of human geography and tourism will be presented when the course commences (approx. 500 pages)..