The role of the DMO in the digital era

Session in The 26th Nordic Symposium of Tourism and Hospitality Research

The role of the tourist organization has changed over the years. These organizations are no longer only regarded as the marketing and information department of the destination, but rather as strategic developers who manage and coordinate networks of destination stakeholders. Consequently, they are nowadays referred to as Destination Management Organizations, DMOs. The emergence and rapid evolution of information and communication technologies, and especially of social media, has brought new challenges to the DMOs. In fact, social media websites enable consumers to find and share information regarding destinations, and information and booking possibilities regarding attractions and accommodation is provided by numerous of new actors on the Internet. Consequently, DMO’s are confronted with a new competitive situation and their possibilities to control information, promotion and the brand has drastically been reduced. This has forced DMOs to implement internet-based tools in their traditional marketing strategy, since otherwise there is an apparent risk that their legitimacy may be questioned. However, new technologies also open up for new opportunities. DMOs with resources and competence may take advantage of the situation and utilise the new possibilities to collect and process a variety and big amount of data in order to further develop its strategic role as an important intelligent knowledge provider.

Presentations within this session may relate to one of the following topics:

  • The transition from traditional marketing strategy to web-based strategies
  • ICT and social media and the consequences for the DMO
  • The measurement and evaluation of DMOs ICT and social media strategies
  • The role of the DMO as an intelligent knowledge provider

Jörgen Elbe
Dalarna University

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