Quantitative research approaches and micro-data in Tourism Studies

Session in The 26th Nordic Symposium of Tourism and Hospitality Research

his session has as ambition to bring together researchers conducting quantitative research using various types of micro-data and promote their advantages in the tourism research. In the recent decade, availability of micro-level data increased tremendously. Nowadays individual-, household-, firm-level data are available in a broad variety of countries, and utilized by stakeholders, policy-makers as well as scholars. Quantitative analysis of micro-data has many possible applications in tourism research.

Individual-level data make is possible for example to analyse patterns of human migration in relation to tourism dominated areas; firm-level data enables to analyse profitability of firms operating in the tourism sector as well as factors contributing to establishment of new firms. This session welcomes broad spectra of research papers, relying on quantitative methods and micro-data. Suggestions for studies suitable for this session:

  • Gender segregation and wage differences in the tourism industry
  • Factors influencing entry and exits of firms in the tourism industry
  • Labour market characteristics and employment within the hospitality industry
  • Tourism demand study based on households’ income data 

Zuzana Macuchova
CeTLeR, Dalarna University

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