Nature-based tourism in transition

Session in The 26th Nordic Symposium of Tourism and Hospitality Research

Nature-based tourism is an increasingly important sector of the Nordic bio-economy, and the potential for further growth is high. This session will discuss key conditions for further development of this sector, thereby strengthening its contribution to business innovation, community resilience and sustainable use of natural resources. Contemporary nature-based tourism is undergoing significant changes in terms of diversification, globalization and new technology. Such changes call for better knowledge of resource use, demand structures and product configurations, including also ICT solutions and entrepreneurship. Hence, further development of the nature-based tourism sector through cutting-edge knowledge requires an inter-disciplinary research approach. This session is organized by BIOTOUR, a research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council with the overall hypothesis that an integrated perspective of the nature-based tourism sector (including resource, market and management analyses) will provide a basis for new products and more sustainable development.

Special focus is on composite adventure experiences, genuine wildlife experiences, and the role of trails and events in a nature-based tourism context. We welcome presentations in all aspects of nature-based tourism for this session, particularly those related to one or more of the following topics:

  • Nature-based tourism in the bio-economy
  • Resource and product analyses
  • Market analyses and segmentation
  • Management of firms and organizations
  • Innovative product solutions

Prof. Peter Fredman
Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management
Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU

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