Advancements in Event Management Research

Session in The 26th Nordic Symposium of Tourism and Hospitality Research

There has been an accelerating growth in events and festivals with respect to frequencies, purpose, content, form and popularity. The current events constitute a new wave within the experience economy, a new type of travel and leisure activity as well as a development within the flora of cultural expressions.

Under certain conditions, this new wave seems to contribute to sustainable development of places and their local identities, to branding of places and marketing of regions, development of tourism and bridging gaps between locals, and between locals and visitors. They may enhance self-esteem and pride among local inhabitants in relation to own area, and facilitate their (re)discovery and (re)learning processes related to cultural and tangible items.

Events may contribute to economic growth and development through sales of experiences, services and goods. Events are also used as a strategic tool to promote goods and services as well as aid in attracting the focus of the public towards certain humanitarian and political issues.

We welcome research from diverse perspectives. The session is open to anyone who would submit their paper. The session will contain a range of papers discussing various aspects of event management issues. The intention behind the session is to broaden and build relationships between researchers interested in this field.

Tommy D. Andersson
Centre for Tourism/University of Gothenburg

John Armbrecht
Centre for Tourism/University of Gothenburg

Erik Lundberg
Centre for Tourism/University of Gothenburg

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