Application: Later Stage in a Programme

Applications for a later stage in a programme are made in accordance with the dates set for regular application rounds. For more information, see Admissions to a later stage in a programme are possible only between at the end of one term and the beginning of the next term, and as long as there is place available.

Eligibility and Selection

To be admitted to a later stage in a programme, you must meet the specific entry requirements for the first semester of the programme. You must also have completed courses corresponding with the previous semester or semesters of the programme.The webpage of the programme you are interested in will detail the entry requirements for that particular programme. If there are more applicants than there are places, then a selection process will be made. The selection is based on the number of completed credits you have on the final day of application. Students already at Dalarna University have first-place rights to available places in a later stage of a programme.


Use the "Apply" icon on this page to make your application. This is only visible during the time period when you are able to apply. You must have submitted a complete application by the application deadline. You cannot request a specific academic term. We determine which academic term we can offer you a place in a programme after we have reviewed and assessed your previous education.

For more information about applications and dates, please see


We need to be able to assess your previous education at other higher education institutions. For us to be able to do this, you need to upload your documentation to as part of your application:

  • The course syllabus for each of the courses you have taken in previous academic terms or that you will be taking in the current academic term.
  • The programme syllabus if you are currently taking a programme.
  • A list of course literature for each course you have taken in previous academic terms or that you will be taking in the current academic term.
  • Other documents that you would like to use as part of your application so that an assessment of your eligibility can be made.

It is important that you upload your documentation when you submit your application to later stage in a programme. If your documentation has not been provided with your application, you will not be eligible, and your application will be deleted.

Dalarna University students do not need to upload documents.


Open for application

Credit Transfer

If you are admitted to later stage in a program you will need to apply for a credit transfer. 

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