Waiting List

If you were placed on a waiting list, or submitted a late application, the university may review your application after admissions selection and award you a place.

You can be admitted from the waiting list if an applicant who has already been offered a place in a course/programme decides not to accept it. Waiting list applicants are contacted by email from universityadmissions.se in order of their place on the waiting list. If you are offered a place after the course/programme has started, then you must contact support@du.se as soon as possible to accept it.

Admission from Waiting List

If you are on the waiting list for a course/programme, there is a chance that you can still be admitted if another applicant declines their place or does not register as required. However, just because an applicant declines their place does not mean that an applicant on the waiting list will be offered a place instead. This is because many courses/programmes admit a higher number of applicants than the number of places available.

Accept Your Place on the Waiting List

If you have applied to a course/programme in an admission round that has two selection rounds, then it is important that you accept your place on the waiting list on universityadmissions.se after selection round 1. You can find information about waiting list on universityadmissions.se. For admission rounds with two selection rounds, the information below applies only after selection round 2.

When and how will I find out if I got admitted?

You can be admitted from the waiting list at any time after the selection round (after selection round 2 if you applied to a course or programme in an admission round that has two selection rounds). If you are admitted, you will be informed in an email from universityadmissions.se. It is therefore important that you provide the correct email address on universityadmissions.se  and that you check your email regularly so that you do not miss any information. You can also log onto My Pages on universityadmissions.se to check the status of your application.

If you are offered a place in a course/programme, you must register to secure it. If you are offered a place on a course/programme after it has already started, you must contact support@du.se within 48 hours from the time you receive your admission decision to secure your place. 

Generally speaking, there is no admission from the waiting list for most courses/programmes after two to three weeks from their start date.

What is the likelihood of being admitted?

Unfortunately, there is no way of saying what the likelihood is of being admitted from the waiting list, since the decision is made in order of your place on the waiting list. If you want an indication of what chances you have of getting a place in the course/programme, you can look at admission statistics from previous semesters on the UHR website (page in Swedish). There you can see what the lowest entry requirements (admission points/antagningspoäng) were to a certain course/programme, how many applicants there were and how many applicants were admitted. However, you will not be able to see how many applicants were admitted from the waiting list.

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