How and When To Apply

You apply to Dalarna University's courses and programmes on the University Admissions in Sweden website. This is the online application system for courses and programmes at all universities in Sweden that also lists important deadlines.

Incoming Exchange Students

If you are an incoming exchange student, see the Incoming Exchange Students: Application/Nomination Process for Studies webpage for information on how to apply.

How To Apply

1. Create a User Account

To apply, you first need to create a user account on If you have previously applied on, then you already have an account and should use this. You can read about reapplying using a previously created account here.

2. Select, Prioritise and Submit

Select and prioritise the programmes you wish to apply to; next, submit your application.

Remember, you can only be admitted to one programme; therefore, be sure to list the one you are most interested in as your first choice. You can be accepted to take a maximum of 45 credits per term. (Note, full-time studies are 30 credits.)

3. Pay the Application Fee or Show Citizenship Status

  • There is no application fee (or tuition fee) for EU/EEA citizens and Swedish residents: you do, however, need to verify your citizenship status by uploading approved ID (for example, passport identity page).
  • All other applicants need to pay the application fee (900 SEK): see payment instructions.

You can find more detailed information about whether or not you are required to pay fees on

4. Submit Supporting Documents

Your supporting documents are reviewed to assess your eligibility. The website lists the documents that you need to submit for review.

Required documents Bachelors
Required documents Masters

In some instances, you may not be allowed to upload your documents: this depends on the country where you received your education. Please make sure to check out the country-specific information for applicants on the required documents pages as well (links above).

If you are unable to upload your documents, you can post them to:

University Admissions in Sweden
R 312
SE-106 53 Stockholm

5. Check your application regularly

We recommend that you regularly log in to your user account to check your application for updated information.

During the assessment process, your application will be reviewed in terms of entry requirements for the programme you have applied to. You may see status updates to your application such as "not processed", "in progress", "unqualified" or "qualified". Remember that the assessment process is ongoing, and your status can therefore change multiple times. An "unqualified" status may simply indicate that the documents you submitted have yet to be assessed.

Late Applications

After the deadline, most programmes do remain open for late applications: this is indicated by an "Add" button where they are listed on

Please note: Late applications are processed only when time permits and after all the applications that arrived before the deadline have been processed. Your admission chances depend on the number of applicants before the deadline and the number that then accept their place in the course/programme. 

If you are deleted from a course/programme because you were accepted into a course/programme that you prioritised higher in your list of choices or because you forgot to accept your place, you can reapply but only if the alternative is still open for application.

Application Dates and Deadlines

Spring Semester 

Autumn Semester 

Please note: Dalarna University sometimes publishes the same course or programme in both the First and Second application period. Therefore you may see two similar programmes listed at the University Admissions websites. Please note that they have different application deadlines and notification dates. Read about the application rounds on


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