Study by distance

Our web-based (online) programmes and courses mean you can enjoy a high level of flexibility and freedom throughout your studies. Even when you choose to study by distance, you will retain close contact to the University and all it has to offer.

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We have many years of experience offering web-based programmes and courses. Our teachers are experts in this area, and the technology we have developed means that every student – whether they study online or on campus – are active members of the student cohort. Regardless of your choice – campus-based or web-based – you will be seen, be heard and be actively involved in your classes. The fact is, we shy away from the word distance and choose instead to refer to our non-campus online programmes and courses as web-based.

Currently, over 70 percent of our students take our web-based courses and programmes. If you decide this is something for you, then you can choose from about 40 different programmes and no fewer than 400 courses. Note that while some of these require several campus meetings, others require only a couple. Some, meanwhile, require no campus meetings at all. Note that most have obligatory classes online in real time.

Business, Economics and Tourism Studies

60 Credits, Second Cycle
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Technology and Engineering

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Study and Career Counselling

We can offer study and career counselling to you if you are a current student or if you are thinking about pursuing further education. 

Study and Career Counselling

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