Programme HLINA

Master Programme in Applied English Linguistics

Do you have an undergraduate degree and are you interested in continuing your studies of English? If so, you are welcome to apply for the new one-year Master's programme in Applied English Linguistics here at Dalarna University.
60 Credits Second Cycle

This is a high-quality programme run by researchers who specialise in Applied Linguistics. Our research areas include discourse analysis, writing and speaking in English, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics and computer-mediated communication.

The focus of the programme is the English language in different contexts and different communicative situations. We look at current issues in the different areas of Applied English Linguistics, the status of English as a global language, and communicating and learning in different environments including technology-mediated environments. A course specifically on linguistic method is included in the programme in order to prepare you for writing and presenting your thesis work.In addition to building on your existing knowledge of linguistics, this degree will help prepare you for continued studies in applied linguistics. The skills and competencies developed during the programme are also of value in the workplace where expertise in communication in English is a merit. The content and the aims of the programme are also highly relevant for language teachers who wish to extend their qualifications.

How To Apply

Applying to the Programme is quick and easy. Just complete these two steps:

  1. Click on the blue "Apply" button (see above: this button is only available when admission is open) to create a user account and add the programme to your account in the online application portal.
  2. Submit the required documents to verify that you fulfill the entry requirements listed below. You can usually upload the required documents to your user account.

Entry Requirements

Specific Entry Requirements

  1. Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in English comprising at least 180 credits.
  2. The BA degree must include a thesis on the subject of English, or equivalent. The content of the thesis and the method used should be relevant to the chosen specialisation in the Master programme. The thesis needs to be written in English and should be submitted to your user account at

English Language Proficiency

Proficiency in English documented by an international proficiency test:

  • an IELTS test with a minimum of 7.5 (and no module under 7), or equivalent knowledge; or
  • a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency with an A or B grade; or
  • a TOEFL test including TWE with a minimum of 630 (paper) 267 (computer) or 109 (Internet).

Programme Overview

You can study the programme from anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable internet connection, as well as on campus in Falun, Sweden. We have regular meetings, seminars and lectures online where both campus and net-based students can discuss material together. Dalarna University is recognized as an attractive institution for net-based learning among language students, especially because of our real-time net-based seminars. Join this programme and explore the world where English is used.

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