Study and Career Counsellors

When you make the decision to enter higher education, you also take the first step towards new and exciting opportunities. Our study and career counselling services are available to help and advise you both before you decide to study and then throughout your time as a student.

Contact Information

Phone and Email

Call the university switchboard on 023-77 80 00 during the hours given below. The switchboard will then connect you further. During the times given, you can receive help with basic questions.

Teacher Education and Languages Studies
Monday to Thursday 11.00⁠–12.00

Wednesday 29 May cancelled

Other Programmes/Courses 
Tuesdays 13.00⁠–14.00
Thursdays 11.00⁠–12.00 

You can also email us your question:

Book a One-on-One Appointment

To book a one-on-one appointment with us to discuss your questions in more detail, you need to use our web-booking system. The meeting can be by phone or by Zoom, and will be with a study and career counsellor who works with the field of education you are interested in. 

When you book, be sure to save the confirmation email you receive because it contains a link for rebooking/cancellation. If you have booked a digital meeting, the link to the meeting can be found in the confirmation email. If you are unable to find the confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If you find it there, be sure to mark the sender as safe so that any future emails do not end up in that folder.

Note that new appointment times become available on an ongoing basis, often at short notice, as a result of cancellations.

Study and Career Counsellors

Information about Career and Study Counselling

Before You Study

  • Questions about what to study and what there is to study
  • Information and understanding about the job market and education

While You Study

  • Choices and decisions
  • Future professional goals
  • Assistance and support to prepare you for post-university life as an employee

After You Complete Your Studies

  • Choose a new specialisation or professional development courses
  • Inform others about your professional competence and learn how to present your professional skills

Here we list some frequently asked questions and answers

The short answer is that by furthering your education, you will have more choices as you enter the job market and you will be a more attractive candidate when you apply for jobs. Furthermore, when you choose to further your education, you are investing in yourself and long-term personal development.

Dalarna University offers a large number of online programmes and courses. In fact, over half of our students study online in some form or another. Some of our courses require regular campus meetings while others require only a few meetings. Some of the courses you can complete without ever once having to come to our university campuses.

Whether you have no idea where to start or are unsure about your choice or have perhaps already decided on your field of study, we can help you in our role as study and career counsellors. We are experts when it comes to helping you make the right choice and get the necessary qualifications for what you want to do.

You can gain a degree by taking a study programme or freestanding courses that you yourself choose and combine. All our programmes are made up of individual courses. These can be freestanding or can be combined into course packages or study programmes. When you are admitted to a programme, you will automatically be admitted to every programme course in the first semester. After that, you need to apply ahead of each new semester.

Yes, you can. For a degree, half of your completed credits need to be in the same subject – the main field of study – and to include a specialisation and an independent project. If you want help planning your studies, you are welcome to contact a study counsellor.

Yes, there is. For example, we have language support services that can help and support you with your written Swedish and English. You can also contact the University’s Student Counselling Services whenever you feel you need somebody to talk to. (There is no cost to do so.) If you have a disability that affects your ability to study, support and assistance are available. Quite simply, you are welcome to contact a study and career counsellor if ever you have any questions or concerns that relate to your studies.

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We are bound by professional confidentiality

Study and career counsellors are bound by professional confidentiality. This means that we do not pass on information about your personal circumstances without your consent (Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, Chapter 23, Section 5).

We work according to the ethical guidelines of Sveriges vägledarförening (unofficial translation: Sweden’s Association of Study and Career Counsellors).

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