Deferment of Studies

When you are admitted to a programme or course but cannot start as planned, you can apply to postpone the start of your studies to a later semester. This is called a deferment of studies. As long as your deferment application is approved and you reapply on time, you will retain your place.

When can I apply for a deferment of studies?

If special circumstances arise after you have been admitted to a programme or course, you can apply for a deferment of studies. The university decides whether or not to grant you a deferment based on the reason that you provide in your application. Examples of normally accepted reasons are:

  • Social and medical circumstances
  • Student union assignment
  • Military or civilian service
  • Not receiving a residence permit decision before the semester begins

You need to support your application with relevant documentation verifying the reason you are applying for a deferment (postponement). Normally, you cannot be granted a deferment of studies for more than 18 months. A decision to grant a deferment is only valid on condition that Dalarna University still offers the programme or course and that the entrance requirements have not changed. 

If you intend to defer (postpone) your studies until the next semester, you will need to apply before the application period for that semester closes; otherwise, you will need to apply for a deferment for a whole academic year. For programmes taught in English, the deadlines to apply are normally January 15 (autumn intake) and August 15 (spring intake).

Dalarna University follows the guidelines and recommendations of the Swedish Council of Higher Education (UHR) on deferment of studies, UHRFS 2013:3.

How do I apply for a deferment?

  1. Accept your place in the programme or course before the deadline.
  2. Pay your tuition fee for the semester.
  3. Fill in the form Deferment of Studies.
  4. Describe your situation in detail if you are applying for deferment for "other reasons".
  5. Support your application with relevant documentation: this is mandatory.
  6. Submit your online application and include supporting documentation.

Reapply for Studies - If Deferment Granted

If you are granted a deferment, you must reapply to the same programme or course on or when you want to recommence your studies. You must reapply on time for the upcoming semester for your guaranteed admission to be valid (see the key dates and deadlines on You must also upload a copy of the deferment decision to your account when you reapply.

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