Deferment of Commencement of Studies

You can apply to defer commencement of your studies if special circumstances arise after you have been admitted.

Deferment of Commencement of Studies

The University reviews and decides whether or not you will be granted deferment. The decision will be sent to you as soon as possible. If you are granted deferment, your place will be open to you the next time the programme begins. The decision is valid under the conditions that the entrance requirements for the programme or course remain the same and that the programme or course is still offered. You can normally only be granted a deferment for a maximum of 18 months. 

The outbreak of the corona virus is not in itself a ground for deferment.

To apply for a deferment, please do the following:

  • Accept your place in the programme or course by the deadline.
  • Pay your tuition fee for the semester. 
  • Fill in the form: Deferment of Studies
  • Please describe your situation in detail if you are applying for deferment for "Other reasons".
  • Attach documentation to support your application.
  • Submit your application.

After you have received a decision:

  • Reapply for studying the same course or programme at or at the next opportunity. If you have been granted a deferment you need to up-load a copy of the decision to your University Admissions account when you reapply. 
  • You can appeal if you are not granted a deferment. You must submit this in writing using this address: Överklagandenämnden för Högskolan (ÖNH), Högskolan Dalarna, 791 88 Falun. Do this within three weeks of receiving the decision.
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