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Every year, Dalarna University awards partial scholarships to a number of its new international, fee-paying Master's students who have proven themselves to be outstanding in their educational endeavours.

Amount of Scholarship

Our scholarships go directly towards a reduction in your tuition fees and will cover between 10 and 50 percent of your total tuition fees. The amount that you are awarded is automatically deducted in set amounts each semester over the duration of your programme. 

Apply for a Scholarship

Tuition fee waivers are only available for studying a Master's degree programme which is offered on-campus. You only need to apply once for your scholarship and this you do before the start of your programme.

  • The application period for a scholarship for the Spring 2021 intake is September 1st to September 30th, 2020.
  • The deadline to apply for a scholarship for the autumn 2020 intake was March 25th. Applications for scholarships for the autumn 2021 intake will be open from January 1st to March 15th.

A complete scholarship application has four parts:

  1. The online scholarship application 
  2. A CV/résumé (uploaded to your University Admissions account)
  3. A recommendation letter from an employer or teacher (uploaded to your University Admissions account)
  4. A video where you explain why you should receive a scholarship

In the video (no more than 60 seconds long), you need to explain why you should be awarded a scholarship from Dalarna University. You will need to upload this video to a website or cloud storage so that it can be viewed by the scholarship committee: include the link to the video in your scholarship application where indicated. We must be able to view the video using only the link provided.

Do not send the video directly to Dalarna University. 

You can use any device to create this video. If you are using a laptop with a webcam, then there are many websites that let you easily create a video.

You need to ensure you complete the online application form and upload the above documents by the final dates stated above (i.e., September 30 or March 25, depending on the semester). If you do not submit all documents by the final date, then your application will be considered incomplete and will not be processed.

Selection Process

The Marketing and Communication Office, together with Programme Directors, will review your scholarship application and decide whether or not you will receive a scholarship.

In our selection process, we focus on your previous academic success, references and motivational statement. We give priority to applicants who list Dalarna University as their first choice on and who are admitted in the first application round.

Note that there is no age limit for applicants to our partial scholarships and that they are open to fee-paying students only.


We make our decision on who will receive a partial scholarship by these dates:

  • Decision date for spring semester: November 1
  • Decision date for autumn semester: April 15

Please note that the decision date may change (by a week or so) depending on the number of applicants. You may contact us to enquire about the status of your scholarship award after the decision dates:

The following list shows which application numbers have been offered a partial tuition-fee waiver for studies commencing in autumn 2020:

12428832 12438979 12505506 12552285 12587012
12430180 12440012 12516230 12555405 12589779
12430296 12441880 12531432 12556063 12597231
12430732 12445894 12536183 12564439 12600383
12431186 12449004 12538084 12571122 12602983
12433026 12464227 12542293 12572801 12605284
12434296 12471227 12542474 12577014 12606119
12436061 12473979 12544371 12581113 12611974
12436536 12483941 12547560 12583219 12614735
12437257 12485104 12550270 12584722 12617420

Other (Non-DU) Scholarships

  • The Swedish Institute offers a limited number of scholarships that cover 100% of tuition fees and living costs for students studying a Master's degree at a Swedish University starting in the autumn intake. 
  • Students interested in the Master's Programme in Solar Energy Engineering who are citizens of developing countries may qualify for a scholarship offered by the Global Sustainable Electricty Project.


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