Studies of Business and Economic Dynamics

Our research group contribute with knowledge about the importance of entrepreneurship, good leadership and institutional conditions for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

About the Research Group

The researchers are based in business administration, economics, and law but also collaborate with colleagues from other subjects. The research group works in five focus areas: 

Growth and Development

Strategies and decision-making for small entrepreneurial companies internationalizing their operations is of great interest. Business development and change also affect large companies as a result of technological development and changed institutional conditions, for example the legislative work within the EU.

Environment and climate 

The research in this area deals with how environmental and climate aspects can be included in financial management. It is also important to understand how the behavior of companies and consumers can be influenced with the help of policy instruments.


Society has undergone a minor revolution as a result of digitalization. For companies, digitalization is an absolute necessity for development, efficiency and profitability, but digitalization also affects the organization of companies and the purchasing behavior of consumers.

Institutions and rules 

Institutions and rules constitute the framework within which the business world operates. The research group tries to understand the role of institutions in times of rapid technological development and an uncertain environment.

Human resource management

In times of greatly increased serviceization and digitization, organizations' most important resource is their employees. The research group therefore analyzes how organizations develop strategies for learning and managing staff, which also influences their well-being.


Peter Hultén
Professor Business Administration and Management
Senior Lecturer Business Administration and Management
Carina Holmgren
Senior Lecturer Business Administration and Management
Lenka Klimplová
Senior Lecturer Business Administration and Management
Associate Professor Business Administration and Management
Visiting Professor Economics
Lena Nerhagen
Senior Lecturer Economics
Senior Lecturer Jurisprudence
Associate Professor Economics
Catia Cialani
Associate Professor Economics
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