Lena Nerhagen

Personlig presentation av Lena Nerhagen

Senior Lecturer Economics
Economics School of Culture and Society


Since the autumn of 2019, I work full time at Högskolan Dalarna with education and research. Before that I worked with research at VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute.  In addition to my work within the academy, I have worked with accounting in smaller companies, with nature-based tourism, environmental strategic work at the County Administrative Board of Dalarna and as secretary in a government inquiry. 


I have a PhD in environmental economics from the University of Gothenburg. In my research, I now work with issues related to the formulation of environmental policy. This includes socio-economic analysis as a basis for decision making as well as incentives and the design of policy instruments.

My main research interests are:

Behavioral economics, Regulatory governance, Cost-benefit analysis, External cost of air pollution, Management of common property resources, Willingness to pay studies


Research projects