Personlig presentation av Reza Mortazavi

Associate Professor Economics
Economics School of Culture and Society
Senior Lecturer Economics
Economics School of Culture and Society


I teach econometrics and socio-economic cost-benefit analysis. I also supervise degree projects at bachelor's and master's level and a doctoral student

Course Coordinator


My research is mostly empirical within the fields of transport, tourism and energy demand. I use microeconomic theory and econometric methods to answer the research questions. Examples of these are eliciting preferences and willingness to pay for travel time savings, evaluating the economic impacts of a music festival and estimating electricity demand and its determinants. My current research includes examining the effect of tax and regulation on the amount of waste generated and regional differences in public transport marginal costs. I also supervise a PhD student. My research has been published in journals such as Journal of transport economics and policy, Annals of tourism research, Tourism economics, Energy and Energy policy.