Solar Electricity Research Centre Sweden (SOLVE)

SOLVE is a consortium of universities, companies and public sector organisations that work together on research projects. The goal of SOLVE is rapid expansion of solar energy in the Swedish electricity grid.

Within this centre of excellence, Dalarna University conducts business-related research to develop solar power technology in Sweden together with other universities.

About the Solar Electricity Research Centre Sweden 

Dalarna University is a member of the research centre, which is led by Uppsala University, Karlstad University, Mälardalen University, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Its purpose is to strengthen collaboration between industry, the public sector and academia and in such a way build on and make available both expert knowledge and competence as society transitions towards a sustainable energy system.

SOLVE research projects fall under one of seven interwoven research “themes”. These seven themes focus on different aspects of the expansion of solar electricity in the Swedish energy system, from advanced technology to solar energy in combination with agricultural land and energy storage. It is predominantly doctoral students who work on the projects along with supervisors and mentors from the consortium. There are also less extensive projects with students in Master’s programmes and senior researchers. 

  • The Swedish Solar Research Centre (SOLVE) was established as a strategic partnership between Sweden's solar electricity research base and a broad and committed group of individuals and stakeholders from the public and private sectors.
  • The vision of SOLVE is wide breakthrough for solar energy in Sweden by way of smart, intelligent integration in towns, on land and in the energy system as a way to meet sustainability goals.
  • The centre also intends to have a clear role for Swedish companies in the expansion of solar electricity both nationally in Sweden and internationally.  

Research Projects

Enhanced PV Systems
Project start date: 2023-09-28

Building Integration
Project start date: 2022-09-01

Research Project: SOLVE - Solar Electricity Research Centre Sweden
Project start date: 2022-01-01 


Uppsala University 

Karlstad University

Mälardalen University

Research Institutes of Sweden AB (RISE)

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Companies and Organisations

CTEK in Vikmanshyttan


Church of Sweden 


Swedish Energy Agency

Region Dalarna

Other Research at Dalarna University

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