Chris Bales

Personlig presentation av Chris Bales

Professor Energy Engineering
Energy and Environmental Technology School of Information and Engineering

I lead the university's part of several projects on the energy and climate transition most of them with focus on solar energy.


Vice-Chairperson in Committee for Academic Appointments


I started at Dalarna University in 1992 part-time as a technician and did not start with research until I became a PhD student in 1997. SInce then I have worked in many international and national reseach and eduction projects with energy as a focus and where solar energy has been a key feature. Heat and cold from solar has been my main focus working mainly with system simulations as a method but also working with lab measurements where appropriate. Over the last few years, a lot of the research has been around PV power and its integration with heat pumps and EV charging. As part of this I am co-leader for building integration in the national centre of excellence for solar electricity SOLVE. In the last few years I have been active in internal boards and committees as well as leading a group that derived new principles for distributing research funding within the university.

Ever since I got my PhD degree I have also develop and taught new courses but this has never been more than 30% of my work load.


I teach very little now that my main roles are coordination of research as well as the doctoral program.


My main role here is in overall reseach coordination or project management.

Research projects