Active Measures Against Discrimination

As both employer and education provider, Dalarna University must actively promote equal rights and opportunity while also preventing employees and students from being subject to discrimination, harassment or other forms of victimisation.

Managers at all levels within the organisation are directly responsible for preventing and dealing with discrimination, harassment and other forms of victimisation. Managers must work to ensure that issues relating to a good work environment and equal treatment are integrated into daily activities and operations.

No Discrimination or Any Other Form of Victimisation

The purpose of the Discrimination Act is to combat discrimination and to actively promote equal rights and opportunity regardless of one or a combination of the seven grounds of discrimination: gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. The protection covers not only employees and students but also those seeking to work or study at Dalarna University, including trainees and temporary staff. 
The law covers several forms of discrimination: 

  • Direct and indirect discrimination 
  • Lack of accessibility 
  • Harassment and sexual harassment 
  • Instructions to discriminate

Treatment in the Public Sector

The Discrimination Act also contains a further provision on discrimination when public employees are dealing with the general public. This provision applies only in the public sector and complements the discrimination prohibitions that apply in the above-mentioned areas. Those covered by the provision are government, municipal and regional employees. The law primarily applies to how employees treat the public when they provide information, guidance, advice or other such assistance. 

Preventive Work and Active Measures

As an education provider, we must take active measures in five areas: 

  • Admission and recruitment 
  • Examinations and assessment 
  • Study environment 
  • Studies and parenthood 
  • Teaching methods and organisation 

As an employer, we must carry out work in the following five areas:

  • Working conditions  
  • Provisions and practices regarding pay and other terms of employment 
  • Recruitment and promotion 
  • Education and training, and other skills development 
  • Possibilities to reconcile gainful employment and parenthood
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