Maria Rappfors

Personlig presentation av Maria Rappfors

Lecturer Work Science
Work Science School of Culture and Society

I work with teaching and research within the field of Work Science. I also have an assignment (30%) as a Sustainability Strategist, involving planning, communication and follow-up of the progress regarding sustainable development.

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Council for Sustainable Development


I am motivated by learning, solving problems and providing good service. I feel a great pride for my role as a government employee and for our mission as a university.

My previous experiences entail both public and private sector. I have experience of both personnel- and operational responsibility. During close to ten years I worked with selling and providing HR-services, which meant building relationships along with the great benefit of getting to know many types of sectors and business. For me, an important standpoint is to aim to truly understand the nature of the organization I am supporting. My experience has also given me a good understanding of management and leadership.

During the recent years, my interest and concern for environmental and social sustainability has grown. Alongside of work I have studied several independent course in sustainable development and environmental communication.

I have a Degree of Master of Social Science from Uppsala University with Sociology as my main subject. I have also completed additional course sin Labour Law and Strategic Human Resource Management.