Broader Recruitment and Widening Participation

Dalarna University intends to increase the proportion of students in all those categories that are considered to be underrepresented in the student population. The University also wants to make it possible for everyone to pursue higher education if they have the ambition to do so.

One way to work with equal opportunity is from the perspective of broader recruitment and widening participation, which have been important subjects for higher education institutions in recent years. Widened recruitment is also explicitly mentioned in the Higher Education Act, Chapter 1, Section 5. Ultimately, this is about creating greater diversity in education by way of promotional measures so that students from different parts of the country, regardless of, for example, gender, age, disability or social background, apply for and complete education at the university level.  

Broader Recruitment

The University works to promote broader recruitment by reaching out at an early stage to groups that can be considered underrepresented in today's student population. Examples of university activities to widen recruitment are efforts aimed at primary, lower-secondary and upper-secondary schools through Teknikerjakten, gymnasieforskarskolan, visits to upper-secondary schools and attendance at education fairs. Other measures for broader recruitment include supplementary/introductory courses (överbryggningskurs), foundational year programmes (basår) and work-integrated teacher training for school employees. Further training for qualified teachers is just one example of further education that the University offers.    

Widening Participation

Support at the University is important when it comes to widening participation. Such support is offered in the form of study workshops and other activities that aim to address the needs of students. In 2021 and 2022, the Office of Student Services and Education Administration developed an Early Warning System (EWS), which was pilot-tested in five programmes. There are also many general measures that teachers can keep in mind to make it easier for different student groups: for example, a clear structure; foresight in planning; and timetabling compulsory course components when childcare is available.   

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