Personlig presentation av Xingxing Zhang

Senior Lecturer Energy Engineering, Energy and Environmental Technology
I'm involved teaching activities in bachelor and master programmes of energy, solar energy and energy-efficient buildings. I lean to multidisciplinary research in energy and buildings with a focus on urban energy systems.
Associate Professor, Energy and Environmental Technology
I'm leading the City Information Modelling (CIM) research group with multidisciplinary research across subjects of energy, building and data analytics. Our group is active in national/international projects, IEA tasks and EU Cost action.

I lean to interdisciplinary researches in two streams: 
  • Adaptive Solar Facades and related systems:  PV, PVT, heat pump, heat pipe, thermal facade, passive building design, and economic evaluation.
  • Data analytics for buildings and cities: building energy performance modeling, occupant behavior, digitalization, BIM, and peer-to-peer business modeling.
Meanwhile, I also serve as 'subject editor' for "Building Simulation" Journal, "Commissioning Editor" for "Intelligent Buildings International" Journal and "Member of the editorial board" for "Buildings" Journal.