Training school for positive energy districts (PED)

Dalarna University was selected by the EU Cost Action to host the 1st training school for the positive energy districts (PED).


Europe is set to be a global role model in energy transition. It has made significant progress in building level innovations and is now stepping up efforts towards city-wide transformation with the pioneering concept of Positive Energy Districts. The EU’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) has set out a vision to create 100 PEDs in Europe by 2025.

EU Cost Action CA19126 means the Positive Energy Districts European Network (PED-EU-NET). This COST Action will drive the deployment of PEDs by harmonising, sharing and disseminating knowledge and breakthroughs on PEDs across different stakeholders, domains and sectors at the national and European level.

Dalarna university was selected by EU Cost Action CA19126 committee as the host for the 1st training school for the PEDs. There were about 34 participants who joined this training school in Borlänge campus from 03-05 Oct, 2022. The main topic for the training school was about characterization and simulation tools for PEDs.

In addition, we also invite Borlänge Municipality, Borlänge Energi, Dalarna Science Park, RISE and other municipalities to discuss with PED experts in this training school in form of a workshop during this period.

– PED concept is generally new to many municipalities and the related stakeholders. It is very good to discuss with international experts around the topics on PED’s scope and connection to carbon-neutral cities, as well as how to start to make a PED with available tool, says Xingxing Zhang, the contact person from Dalarna University for this training school.

Positive Energy Districts European Network: EU Cost Action CA19126

Dalarna University is leading a research project on the development of positive energy district (PED) and carbon-neutral city - Dalarna University (

Xingxing Zhang
Professor Energy Engineering
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