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Find answers to common questions received by the Department of French.

If you have a general question, please send one e-mail to

Most of the answers can be found here. Do not send the same question to all your future instructors. If you do decide that you would like to contact your future instructors, please do not contact them all at the same time.

If your question concerns a specific course, and if the answer is neither listed below nor in the course room on Learn, please direct your message only to the instructor who is responsible for that class.


If I learned French in a language school, may I start at a level higher than French I?

If you can show your grades from the language school, there is the possibility for you to be able to skip some courses (only Basic French). However you cannot enter the second part of the first cycle level 1 of undergraduate level and neither enter courses at the first cycle level 2 or the second cycle level 1, unless you can prove that you have already studied at the university level and obtained grades that are considered prerequisites for the equivalent level. This applies even if you have French as your mother tongue. In other words, studying at a language school is never a justification for skipping other courses than Basic French.

I have DELF B2 or DALF C1 / C2 , may I start a level higher than French I (first cycle, level 1, at the undergraduate level)?

No, because the DELF and DALF certifies language skills but not language knowledge. You can read about this certificate in more detail on our website.

You need to follow all courses of French I to start the second part of the first cycle, level 1, or the first cycle, level 2 and the second cycle, level 1.

Which preparatory courses at Dalarna University allow me to take further courses? What are those courses?

Franska, Grundläggande Kurs I allows you to study Franska, Grundläggande II, which allows you to study Franska I, First Cycle, Level 1.

The 7.5 credit courses are Franska, Grundläggande kurs IA, which allows you then to study Franska, Grundläggande kurs IB, which allows you then to study Franska, Grundläggande kurs IIA, which allows you then to study Franska, Grundläggande Kurs IIB. This course allows you to study Franska I, that is, First Cycle, Level 1.

I have studied French at another university. Can I receive credit or validate these points?

Yes, it is possible in some cases. You must be able to show what courses you have taken and provide the syllabus or course description and your results along with the number of credits each course was worth. These courses must correspond to our current courses and curricula, otherwise we can not validate your credits. Contact for more information.

At what level is my French?

There is a test on the internet that you can take to get an idea of your level. Take it without using anything to help you: Then, please contact to organise an oral discussion.

What is involved in the process to request validation of my previous studies?

Fill in the form and send it to Dalarna University, SE-791 88 Falun Sweden (note: not to our department).

I have taken a TCF (Test de connaissance du français ): do you accept TCF scores?

Yes, of course if you have received a passing grade in the past year! Depending on your level, we can see at what level you can start (but never at a level higher than the first part of the first cycle, level 1, at the undergraduate level). Contact for more information.

I learnt French a long time ago or abroad, and / rejected my application. Why and what can I do?

Do not panic! Here in Sweden, the selection is processed mechanically which means that only relatively new Swedish scores are accepted. As soon as you are told that you are not qualified, please contact, with your civic registration number and your question.

What level according to the European global level scale for languages do I have to have to begin study French in the first cycle, level 1, of the undergraduate level?

The minimum is A2-2 but preferably B1.

Can I study basic courses in English?

No, both the method and the seminars are in Swedish. Swedish is a prerequisite.

What levels are offered at Dalarna University? What is the difference between the basic and undergraduate levels?

Basic courses are courses intended for beginners or students who do not have sufficient knowledge to start at the first cycle, level 1, of the undergraduate level. They do not count towards a Bachelor's degree in French.

In the first cycle, level 1, of the undergraduate level, you must already have acquired basic knowledge of the language either in high school (step 3) or in another way. After completing the first part of the first cycle, level 1, of undergraduate level, you will have 30 credits in French.

In the second part of the first cycle, level 1, at undergraduate level, you will continue your studies in French by deepening and developing your skills in the language. After completing the entire second part of the first cycle, level 1, you have 60 credits in French.

After that, you will take the first cycle, level 2, and after completing the entire level 2 courses, you have the completed 90 credits in French.

We also offer courses at the Master 1's level (which is an advanced level: second cycle, level 1) which can be completed in one year and give 60 credits.

I have taken the preparatory courses (Basic French, 30 credits) at another university , can I still begin the first part of the first cycle, level 1 (course package French I)?

Yes! However, it is possible that will not automatically recognize these courses. Please contact as soon as possible if you are deemed unqualified.

If a course is closed on / can I register anyway?

No, sorry, that's totally impossible.

When the deadline for application came, I do not fulfill all the admission requirements or these requirements are not registered in the system. What should I do?

Your results will be registered as soon as your grades have been posted. The system will revise your status automatically.

I have studied French at another university. May I read exactly the same courses at your University?

Yes, but the credits from any course that you retake will not count towards your degree (neither bachelor or master degree).

I have been put on the reserve list. When will I know if I am accepted?

If you get a place, we will contact you, at the beginning of the semester, after the start of the course.

I was admitted "conditionally", what does that mean?

Please contact

Course Outline

What is the recommended curriculum?

On the website (in Swedish), you can read about our recommended curriculum of study (except for teacher training). Normally for full-time studies it is better to choose "packages (French I and French II) and then you can choose your package on the basis of your specialization in literature or linguistics (at first cycle, level 2, package French IIIa or IIIb and at the Master 1 level). The subject French is a main field of study at Dalarna University. This means that Dalarna University is entitled to award Bachelor's and Master's degree with French as a subject.

Do I have to come to Falun in order to attend lessons or for other reasons?

Our online courses do not require a physical presence but usually have seminars on-line: you need a computer, internet connection, a camera [in the event of an online exam , you must have a camera with a cable ] and a headset . We utilize a learning management system and have obligatory seminars on-line (see film). Some programs such as the teacher training program have required seminars on campus.

What should I have for computer or internet?

All information about the technical equipment is available at

If you have concerns regarding the use of computers, there is a preparation course for students.

Where do you take exams?

It depends on which course it is. Read the syllabus and read the information in the Fronter room.

Do I have to attend all the seminars online?

As a general rule yes.

Is there always a possibility to choose between seminars during the daytime and late afternoon or evening?

For Basic French and the first part of the first cycle level 1, yes, but after that, during the second part of first cycle level 1, and after, the seminars are usually scheduled after 16:00. You have registered for the time of the course that best fits your schedule when you applied at

I am taking either a course package or a stand-alone course: do I have to register for the next level at before October 15 or April 15 if I want to continue to the next level if I get the credits?

Yes, it is necessary.

I do not speak Swedish, where can I get help?

In Sweden, there is always the opportunity to get help in English. Contact

How do I find the schedule?

If you login at you will find a list of times and places for the courses to which you have registered. You will also find information in each course's room on Learn.

I took a course with you, got credits, and wonder if the national center of education funding CSN has received my grades?

As soon as your grades are reported in the Ladok system, they will automatically be transferred to CSN.


What must one do to earn a BA in French (180 credits)?

One must successfully complete 90 credits in French. The courses must come from three different levels (Both the first and second parts of the first cycle, level 1 and the first cycle, level 2) as well as 90 credits in another subject (or subjects).The credits should not be at the advanced level (second cycle, level 1).

When I am accepted to the teacher education program in French, may I use the degree in my home country and become a teacher there?

Ask the authorities in your home country.

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