Winners of NRGY Hub Open Data Challenge 2021

Denna nyhet är äldre än 6 månader och är kanske inte aktuell längre.

Juveria Shah is a master’s student in Data Science, and Puneet Saini a Ph.D. student in the Energy department at DU, and have won the NRGY Hub Open Data Challenge.
Juveria and Puneet are holding their award certificate.

The final was held in Västerås along with HUB 2021 conference. The award price is 15 000 SEK, the award is seen as a stepping stone for continued work on sustainable energy systems.

The team proposed the idea for project VASTEROS (Visualising A Sustainable EneRgy system using Open data Sources)  based on the solarization of energy systems (both heating and electricity demand) that can help in fulfilling UN Sustainability goal 11 on “sustainable cities and communities”. A preliminary energy system primarily based on solar energy which is reliable, local and produces less CO2 emission was designed. The design also includes the use of a storage concept of Solar Storage Sauna which can add social value to the district and can put the city on the innovation map.

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