Intercultural literature studies

Intercultural literature studies is a main field of study at the master level, which is aimed at students who have a study background in language and literature.

The teachers are scholars of literature belonging to the Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and German language departments.

In this master, the movements of literature across national and linguistic boundaries and between cultures are studied, both in a global and a local context. A meta-perspective is also offered on the value of fiction and the study of literature as a tool for intercultural understanding and communication.

About the courses

The courses include the study of how cultural encounters, and identity creation through cultural encounters, are embodied in fiction from different parts of the world against the background of changing ideological currents and cultural movements. Concepts such as multiculturalism, transculturality, hybridization, migration and diaspora are addressed. The theoretical perspectives span areas such as postcolonial studies, world literature, ecocriticism, translation studies and feminism.

The main language of instruction is English. The studied literary works are read in the original language, or in English translation. The degree project is written in English.

To be admitted to courses in this main field of study, a competence corresponding to a bachelor's degree in literary studies, or in languages with a focus on literary studies, is required. Knowledge of English, corresponding to the English B (or English 6) from Swedish upper secondary school, is also required.

Course offerings

For a student studying for a full-time master's degree, the following course of study is recommended. However, some of the courses can be taken in a different order or can be replaced by other courses at the advanced level.

Year 1

1st semester

2nd semester

Year 2

3rd semester

4th semester

Additional Courses

The following two courses are offered in the autumn semester, and may thus replace any of the course offerings in the 1st or the 3rd semesters. Note that these courses have specific prerequisites.

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