Frequently Asked Questions - Newly Admitted Students

Admitted to Dalarna University and have questions about what to do next? Here are answers to commonly asked questions.


Why am I conditionally admitted?

All students who are required to pay tuition fees are conditionally admitted. This is because your admission is not confirmed until the payment of fees has been made. It is also possible to be conditionally admitted because you need to submit the final year transcript and diploma from your previous university studies.

Are there any problems with being conditionally admitted?

No. This does not affect your chances of getting a scholarship from Dalarna University or the Swedish Institute. This does not affect your chances of getting a residence permit. 

How do I remove the condition from my University Admissions account?

It is actually not possible to do this. The condition can be removed “locally” by Dalarna University but this is not updated in your University Admissions account. The reason for this is that the IT system for processing your application, and the IT system for processing your fee payment at the university are two separate systems. So your status will always be listed as “conditionally admitted” which is fine.

I am placed on reserve to another university, and admitted/conditionally admitted to Dalarna University, what do I do?

This depends upon where you want to study. If you want to study at Dalarna University, then you are admitted and can just follow our instructions to prepare for coming here. If you want to study at the other university then please contact them to find out what your chances are of being admitted at a later date and how their process works for applicants on the reserve list for the specific programme to which you applied.

You do not need to reject your reserve offer in order to stay admitted to Dalarna University.

I need an official admissions decision. Where do I get it?

The Notification of Selection Results (PDF) is the only official admissions decision. You can download this PDF by logging into your University Admissions account.

I am unable to begin my studies this year, can I defer my admission to next year?

It is only possible to defer your admission if you pay the first semester tuition fee, otherwise you are welcome to re-apply next year. If you re-apply, you do not need to resend the documents which you have previously sent to University Admissions.


How much do I need to pay? 

The tuition fee for the first semester of your programme is listed on your Notification of Selection Results, as well as at the programme specific information on the Dalarna University Website. 

If you are admitted to a technical programme, the first semester tuition fee is 67500 SEK. 
If you are admitted to a social science programme, the first semester tuition fee is 43500 SEK. 
If you are granted a scholarship from the Swedish Institute, you do not need to submit any payment. 
If you are awarded a scholarship from Dalarna University, you can lower sum you need to pay for your first semester by the value of this scholarship (for the first semester). For example if you are admitted to a social science programme (Tourism Destination Development or Business Studies) and awarded a scholarship with a value of 20000 SEK per semester, then you would submit a payment of 23500 SEK to Dalarna University for the first semester.

How do I pay the tuition fee?

Dalarna University partners with an online payment company (Flywire) that offers easy payment solutions in nearly every country in the world, so that you can pay online with either a credit card, bank transfer or other payment method depending on the country you will be sending the tuition fee payment from. You can find more information about how to submit your online payment at the tuition fees page.

Pay now with Flywire - action button

When you pay the tuition fees via Flywire, Flywire will send a notification that the fees are received by Dalarna University. You do not need to send this notification to the Migration Board; Dalarna University notifies the Migration Board that your fees were paid.

Dalarna University no longer sends invoices for the tuition fee payment. It is your responsibility to pay the appropriate amount via Flywire.

When do I need to pay the tuition fees?

You should pay the tuition fees as soon as possible as payment of the fees is necessary for applying for a residence permit. While it is technically possible to begin applying for a residence permit before the fees have been paid, you should only do this if you are 100% sure that the fees will be paid within 1 week of submitting the online residence permit application.

It is fine to wait to pay the tuition fees until after you receive a decision from Dalarna University or the Swedish Institute or other scholarship that you have applied for.

The latest you should pay the fees is in early June, but we STRONGLY advise you to pay the fees earlier than this as that gives you little time to get your residence permit approved. In some instances it is possible to pay the fee after this date but the risk is that you will not get a residence permit approved.

Is it possible to pay in installments for the first semester?

No, you must pay the first semester tuition fee in full (minus any scholarship you receive from Dalarna University). If the fee is not paid in full you will not be able to get a residence permit to come to live and study in Sweden.

What if I need to wait to get a decision about a SI scholarship or other scholarship before I can pay the fees – will this cause problems for my residence permit application?

In most cases this will not be a problem as the normal processing time for a first-time residence permit application is 2-3 months, so long as you don’t wait too long to apply for a residence permit after getting the scholarship decision. As stated above, you should pay no later than June 1st. SI scholarship application decisions come at the end of April. Ideally you would pay the tuition fee no later than mid-May but this is up to you.

What if I pay the fee but get denied a residence permit and need a refund?

You can apply for a refund using our refund application. There will be no administrative fee charged for students beginning their studies at Dalarna University autumn semester 2020, regardless of the reason you are requesting a refund. Read more on the tuition fees webpage.


When will I be notified if I received a scholarship from Dalarna University?

We will inform scholarship applicants by mid-April of the outcome of their application for a scholarship.

Do I need to inform the SI Scholarship Committee about my conditional admission at Dalarna University?

No. They get a list of admitted students from University Admissions. Being conditionally admitted does not matter. Being admitted to your second choice/third choice/fourth choice doesn’t matter so long as you properly applied for a scholarship for these programmes when you initially applied to the SI scholarship.

Could you give more details about average cost of living?

This varies from person to person. Officially we say that you should plan on having 7500 SEK a month available for food, rent, personal expenses (books, mobile phone, internet, clothing, eating out). Please note that the Migration Board requires you to show that you have access to around 8514 SEK a month for the duration of your studies.

Renting a student accommodation costs around 2400-4000 SEK a month (for one person). Most rooms will cost around 3500 SEK a month. Food costs vary from person to person but around 2000 SEK is a reasonable sum to spend each month. If you expect to have between 1000 -1500 SEK a month in additional expenses (clothing, mobile phone, books/course materials, travel expenses) then you should be able to account for most expected expenses as a student. 

Do you know about financial institutions in Sweden that can give loans to international students like me?

There are no banks or other financial institutions in Sweden that will give loans or grants to international students for studying a degree programme. Please try to arrange the funding in your home country or via personal/family savings or via a scholarship.

Do I need to notify Dalarna University if I get offered a scholarship by Swedish Institute?

No, we are informed about this from the Swedish Institute and will assist you in coming to Dalarna University.

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