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Student life is of more than just about studying and researching: in and around Dalarna, there are a range of activities that are well worth experiencing, especially if you want to get a real taste of Swedish culture and life, while the Student Union hosts a number of events and clubs for students.

The Province of Dalarna

Centrally located in Sweden, Dalarna (which translates to the valleys) is often referred to as the true heart of Sweden. Its cultural heritage is vast, its history ancient. Its nature is both wild and abundant, its seasons both dramatic and defined. Amenities are modern and diverse: shops, restaurants, boutiques, cafés, museums, art galleries, sporting facilities. In short, Dalarna has a great deal to offer, both old and new.

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Dalarna: Its History, Its Geography

History and Cultural Heritage

With its many listed buildings and old wooden villages, Dalarna's historical past is visible even to this day. In the town of Falun stands the sprawling Falu copper mine, which in the 1700s brought with it extraordinary wealth and power. Now a World Heritage Site, the mine is open to the public year-round, hosting key events such as Christmas markets and the Walpurgis Night bonfire and firework display. Then there are the much-loved Zorn and Larsson museums, which display the artwork of three of Dalarna's most prominent artists.

Stunning Natural Surroundings

Forests, open meadows, remote lakes, snow-peaked mountains, wild and barren valleys. The provincial landscape offers wonderful opportunities for exploration in an area that places great importance on preservation and conservation. The location of Dalarna is such that the landscape is clearly defined by the seasons: while the winters can be cold (-20 degrees Celsius is not unusual), the summers can be hot and dry with temperatures up in the high 20 degrees Celsius. The landscape shifts between the flowering meadows of spring, the green forests of summer, the changing hues of autumn, and the icy white of winter: an outdoor-lover's delight!

Where the Rural and Urban Meet

All in all, Dalarna offers visitors a comfortable small-town feel with its abundance of red-painted houses and quaint rural views, yet it still offers all you might expect from modern urban life: international cuisine, movie theatres, specialty cafés, organic bakeries, dance studios... Borlänge and Falun, the two major towns, are large enough to offer visitors exactly what they need, but small and friendly enough to be welcoming to all.

Events in Dalarna: Autumn to Summer











  • Dalecarlia Cup international football tournament in Borlänge
  • Cruising in Säter: old American and European cars, motorbikes and tractors take to the streets (market, music and entertainment)


  • Festival Salute: fireworks and music, Borlänge 

Activities: Various Times of Year

Ferries from Stockholm

From Stockholm, you can also take cheap ferries over the Baltic Sea to visit Finland and Åland, or the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Student Union

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Tourist Information

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