Submission of Manuscripts

Be sure to read these instructions before you submit your text to Education & Learning. With any queries about the instructions, please contact the editors.

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Criteria for Acceptance of Manuscript

  • Relevance with regard to the scientific scope, aim and themes of the journal
  • Relevance for the profession
  • High level of accessibility and clarity with regard to language use
  • General level of priority and interest for the educational sciences  
  • Suitability of the theoretical and methodological approach
  • Other criteria that are deemed important in relation to the current topic and focus

Quality Assurance

The texts are reviewed in three stages. First, the manuscripts are evaluated by the editors. Those manuscripts that they find relevant according to the above criteria are then reviewed independently by two anonymous reviewers independently. The editorial board appoints the reviewers, who then compile their comments according to a review plan and send them to the editorial board (, which in turn shares their comments with the authors. In the third and final stage, when the manuscript is accepted by the reviewers, the editors conduct a final evaluation before the submission is accepted.

Open Access

All material in the journal Education & Learning is published with Open Access under the Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives).

This means that all content may be copied freely and redistributed as long as the name of the author/s is given as well as a link to the article. However, content may not be altered, and the material may not be used for commercial purposes.

The copyright belongs to the authors and the journal respectively.

Publishing Policy

The manuscript/article may not be published anywhere else. If it has been submitted for publication somewhere else, then this must be indicated. When the article is approved for publication, it will be published in PDF format after a period of time on the journal’s website and in DiVA (Dalarna University’s database for open access publications).

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts are submitted electronically as Word files to

Publishing Agreement

When a manuscript has been accepted for publication, each author must sign an agreement concerning the publishing conditions that apply. The signed agreement must be received by the editorial office before the article is published. Download the publishing agreement, print and sign it, then scan and send itby regular post or email.

Author Presentation: Submit Separately

A short presentation of the author should be submitted in a separate document marked with the name of the article. The presentation should be written in the same language as the abstract and include the author’s/authors’:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Department
  • Higher Education Institution/School
  • Email address
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Contact information
Editorial board for Education & Learning
Publishing Agreement
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