Experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At Högskolan University, research is conducted in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Here you will find experts who can answer questions and comment on the development of artificial intelligence

The Interaction between Human and Machine 

Yves Rybarczyk, Professor in microdata analysis, conducts research on AI in various areas such as assistive technologies, cognitive sciences, and air quality. Yves can address questions, for instance, on how digital twins can transform healthcare in the near future, how knowledge in psychology can be utilized by AI to enhance the safety of autonomous vehicles, and how data and statistics are employed to make predictions, with air quality as an illustrative example.

Yves Rybarczyk
Professor Microdata Analysis


The Development of Human and Artificial Intelligence

Arend Hintze, Professor in microdata analysis, with a focus on research in neuroevolution. He aims to uncover how human intelligence evolved and how we can harness this knowledge to employ genetic algorithms in training AI with human cognitive abilities. Arend is also investigating the future role of AI, including how we regulate it and the ways it will transform our society. He can address questions related to artificial intelligence, evolution, evolutionary game theory, and information theory.

Professor Microdata Analysis


Sustainable Transportation and Logistics

Kenneth Carling, Professor in microdata analysis, conducts research on transportation and logistics, with a focus on sustainability transformation in this sector. Kenneth can address questions regarding algorithmic bias, data economy, algorithmic pricing in e-commerce, supply chains, cybersecurity, evolving road transport patterns, data sharing, official statistics, as well as the university's research and education in the field of computing.

Kenneth Carling
Professor Microdata Analysis


Statistics and Machine Learning

Mengjie Han, Associate professor in microdata analysis, conducts research on data science and energy modeling. Mengjie can address questions regarding statistical methods for complex data modeling, AI techniques, and mathematical optimization techniques. He can explain how these methods can be applied to create value in the energy and transportation sectors.

Mengjie Han
Associate Professor
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Madelene Håll
Communications Officer
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