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Meet our experts who can answer questions about all things energy, such as energy transition and efficiency, energy systems and renewable energy.

Energy Systems

Chris Bales, Professor of Energy Engineering, researches in the fields of energy and climate transition. Chris can answer questions about various energy systems: for example, solar-powered district heating and the integration of solar energy into energy systems in housing.

Chris Bales
Professor Energy Engineering


Mats Rönnelid, Professor of Energy Engineering, has over 20 years of research experience in the field of energy. Mats can answer questions about energy systems, energy and climate transition, sustainable construction and housing, and the University's research and education in the field of energy.

Mats Rönnelid
Professor Energy Engineering


Pei Huang, Associate Senior Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Technology, researches in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Pei can answer questions about electromobility, energy sharing, electric vehicles, energy efficiency in buildings, HVAC systems, and uncertainty and machine learning application in energy systems.

Pei Huang
Associate Senior Lecturer


Regional Energy Systems

Malin Karlsson, Project Manager, is involved with a number of collaborative projects connected to business and industry, specifically the energy industry. Malin has headed work at the regional level to roadmap the development of new work methods for energy transition in the province of Dalarna.


Solar Energy

Chris Bales, Professor of Energy Engineering, can answer questions related to the expansion of solar energy in the Swedish electricity grid and the skills that are required for the transition within society to a sustainable energy system: for example, the development of building-integrated products and prefabricated solutions for the Swedish and international market, as well as the integration of solar energy into local energy systems.

Chris Bales
Professor Energy Engineering


Frank Fiedler, Senior Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Technology, can answer questions about solar electricity systems, solar components and energy storage. Frank researches the potential of solar energy to reduce the use of finite resources (fuels) and promote lower climate and environmental impact; he has also analysed the profitability of grid-connected solar cell battery solutions for small temporary dwellings.

Frank Fiedler
Senior Lecturer Energy and Environmental Technology


Mats Rönnelid, Professor of Energy Engineering, can answer questions about solar cells and solar energy systems as well as applied technical solutions that are suitable for northern climates. Mats has developed methods to analyse the distribution of solar radiation across the sky in order to better understand how solar rays affect materials - for example, the properties of glass in windows for installation in buildings.  

Mats Rönnelid
Professor Energy Engineering


Energy Efficient Construction

Jonn Are Myhren, Associate Professor of Construction Technology, researches the energy efficiency of housing and can answer questions about construction technology. Approximately 40 percent of all our energy consumption in society goes towards housing. There is great potential to renovate in a way that saves energy and counteracts global warming, yet it is important to remember the effect of changes on the indoor climate. Jonn Are is foremostly interested in renovation methods that while saving energy can also contribute to a healthier indoor climate - where we avoid moisture problems and stale inside air, and where we actually feel better and perform better. 


Xingxing Zhang, Professor of Energy Engineering, focuses his research on energy-positive neighbourhoods that aim to achieve a surplus production of renewable energy. He has developed digital models that can predict the energy needs of an area and locate the best place to install solar panels.

Xingxing Zhang
Professor Energy Engineering


Energy Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Carin Nordström, Senior Lecturer in Business Administration and Management, researches and teaches in the field of entrepreneurship with a focus on regional development and growth, business planning, leadership and group processes, business models and innovation. Carin works to build contact between students and business and industry by, for example, being a mentor. She is also one of the minds behind the competition titled Dalarna 24h Innovation Challenge 2023.

Carin Nordström
Senior Lecturer Business Administration and Management


Equality in the Energy Industry

Malin Karlsson, Project Manager, can answer questions about a study [MB1] on developments in the region for a more gender-equal energy industry in Dalarna. This study is being carried out in collaboration with Falu Energi & Vatten, Borlänge Energi, Region Dalarna and Genusakademin at Karlstad University.  

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