Kenneth Carling

Personlig presentation av Kenneth Carling

Professor Microdata Analysis
Microdata Analysis School of Information and Engineering

I serve as the Head of Microdata Analysis with bachelor, master, and doctoral programs. My mind is truly interdisciplinary, but it is my background in philosophy, computing and statistics that I feed in to the collaborative academic activities I opt for.


I earned my Ph.D. in statistics in 1995 and was promoted to associate professor in Economics and full professor in statistics and later in 2017 appointed full professor in Microdata Analysis. In addition to DU, I have held academic positions at the universities of/in Uppsala, Padua (Italy), Stockholm, Yale (USA), Gävle, and Tianjin (China).

I have served on various evaluation committees for assessment of, e.g., EU-grants, national academic quality, Nordic faculty positions, and PhD-candidates. At DU over the years, I have served as head of subject, manager of several BSc-, MSc-, and PhD-programs, deputy departmental director, and research leader as well as elected member of the highest collegial board and the university board.

I have published more than 50 peer-reviewed international articles on economics, transports including environmental impact assessments, operational analysis, and computing in addition to statistical methodology and applications.


I have developed the curriculums and serve as instructor on the master’s course Data-Driven Leadership and Economics of Leadership for PhD-students. I am also responsible for the curriculum of Risk Analysis where I still teach. I usually supervise five master theses and see to one PhD-student’s graduation in a year. As Head of subject I also allot time to the bettering of all courses and programs within the field.

Course Coordinator


Currently, I lead a LivingLab on data-sharing on the last-mile distribution market in an EU consortium and a project on a decision support system for retailers' site locations. I am also engaged in several projects on algorithmic price setting and possible market failures due to systemic risk and collusion prompted by such technology. Finally, I recently contributed to the Swedish R&D plan for the cyber security of national transport infrastructure.