Audiovisual Studies

The research of this group looks at both new media, such as social media, web productions and mobile media, as well as traditional forms of media, such as film, newspapers and TV.

Key terms used are production networks, digital innovation, cultural work, and knowledge processes.

Twenty researchers form this group. They conduct research in, for example, the ways in which technological changes and new means of expression have influenced creative entrepreneurship in Dalarna and in audiovisual loops, a technological device in which sound and image are put together and played live.

Other examples of projects are a film about the southern Sami people and modernity, the presentation of artwork on TV screens in waiting room at health centres, and historical photo archiving in Dalarna.

The research group heads a central website - Audiovisual Media Production - which builds on the group's earlier web experiments within the area of Sport and Teaching. Work is financed by Virtualy Reality (VR) and the EU's Structural Funds.

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