Dalarna University Centre for Intercultural Research and Development (DUCID)

DUCID - Interkulturellt Utvecklingscentrum Dalarna (IKUD) in Swedish - is a research centre that aims to promote collaboration and co-production between the University and municipalities, county councils, official bodies, civil society and businesses.

Its further aim is to contribute to the ongoing development of the research base for education within this subject field.

DUCID conducts research in the field of intercultural studies and offers commissioned education opportunities to external organisations, while also holding debate evenings and conferences that have a wide focus on issues such as cultural pluralism and cultural diversity. It maintains a critical perspective in its examination of present-day social structures and thought systems.

- Our watchwords are openness, complexity, democracy and respect for the differences between people.

The centre is headed by IKUD-rådet (DUCID Committee, unofficial translation), with representatives from Dalarna University, Borlänge Municipality, Falu Municipality, Dalarna County Council and and civil society: see DUCID Committee below.

The Chairperson of the Committee is the Director of DUCID.


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Daniel Fredriksson
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