Thorbjörn Swenberg

Personlig presentation av Thorbjörn Swenberg

Associate Professor
Department of Media Studies School of Culture and Society
Moving Image Production School of Culture and Society
Senior Lecturer Image Production
Moving Image Production School of Culture and Society
Deputy Head of School
School of Culture and Society

I am Deputy Head of School and am in charge of the work at the Dalarna Audiovisual Academy (DAVA) that concerns quality, development and the integration of education and research. 

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For eight years, I worked for Sveriges Television (SVT) where I was a Video Editor, engaged in the productions of several genres.

In 2001, I began teaching at Dalarna University. Here I have held different roles within the organisation and have been involved in building up and developing the Media Production Programmes, and in research on the various forms of audiovisual production, expression and knowledge.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Theoretical Philosophy and a Doctoral Degree in Innovation and Design.


In my role as Senior Lecturer, I teach concept development in media production, the problematisation of media production processes and the role of perception in audiovisual experiences.


As Associate Professor (Docent) in Audiovisual Studies, I conduct research on creative processes and decisions in media production, as well as visual perception in audiovisual communication.