Request a Book

  • Find the book you want to request in the library catalogue or in Summon.

  • Click on "Request".

  • Log in. Be sure to indicate the right alternative: student/staff member or external borrower/library.

  • Choose whether you would like to pick up the book from the university library in Falun or Borlänge.

  • If you are a student living outside of either Falun or Borlänge municipalities, you can request that the book be sent to your home address. First click on "Mail", then select "Home delivery".

  • Click on "Submit".

  • When the book is ready for collection, you will receive a mail from us. If the book is sent to your home address, then you will not receive a message.

Cancel a Request

  • Log in to "Library Account".

  • Click on "Request/hold" (beside the red flag).

  • Now you can see your requests. 

  • Choose the requests that you would like to delete by indicating in the box beside the title of the book. Next click on "Cancel selected". If you want to cancel all requests, choose "Cancel all".

  • Now you can see the requests that you have chosen to cancel. Choose "Yes" if you wish to cancel the requests that are shown.
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