"Like a Magical Snowscape"– Falun Library Celebrates 10 Years!

In the spring of 2024, it is ten years since the library building in Falun was completed. What was the purpose of the new building, and what has happened over the years? See some of what has happened since the opening in 2014.

Award-Winning Building with Clear Purposes

"Like a magical snowscape. Few Swedish public projects can compare to the interior of the new university library in Falun" was a description in the magazine Arkitektur in 2014. That same year, the building received the award "Higher education and research building of the year" at the World Architecture Festival. The library has even been featured with its own chapter in a Japanese book on European architecture. It's a construction project that has garnered a lot of attention and appreciation.

One purpose of the new building was to make the university more visible in Falun, and to create a space where the institution's various activities could be showcased. Another purpose was to create a space for collaborative learning and meetings as well as for individual studies.

The report From traditional academic library to modern learning environment (in Swedish) describes the ideas behind and the planning process leading up to the construction. It also provides an evaluation of the finished result from several perspectives.

Building the library
Construction site. Richard Borg

Indoor Waterfall

After a heavy rainfall in July 2016, a large amount of water accumulated on the lowest roof level of the library. Hundreds of liters of water poured in through one of the lower roof beams and into the library for a short period. Fortunately, library staff were on-site and able to begin rescuing books from the water, but several hundred books were destroyed.

Eva Nordgren, library director then and now, remembers it as a chaotic time: 
"During the following autumn and spring, there was some disruption in the library due to renovations and cleanup. We needed to remove bookshelves and tear up floors, among other things. Fortunately, we were able to remain open as usual during this time." 

Water leak
Cleanup after the water leak. Richard Borg


The priximity to Lugnet's various sports arenas is hard to miss for visitors to Campus Falun. Sometimes, athletes have also moved into the library, such as for press conferences during the 2015 Ski World Championships.

Press conference in the library
Press conference in the library. Richard Borg

Culture and Community Events

Numerous concerts and lectures have been held in the library's arena.

Dalasinfoniettan tuning instruments
Dalasinfoniettan tuning their instruments before a concert in 2015. Richard Borg
"Falu Demokratidag"
"Falu Demokratidag". Richard Borg
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visiting in 2021.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visiting in 2021. Richard Borg

Adaptations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The library remained open as usual throughout the pandemic but made some adjustments to the premises, including installing plexiglass at information points to prevent the spread of infection.

Adjustments during the covid pandemic.
Adjustments during the covid pandemic. Richard Borg

What's Happening Now?

Creating a vibrant library and space for learning and exchanges is an ongoing process. Library staff, students, and university employees contribute to this process together, in various ways. For example, around the time this news is published, a national symposium on linguistics is being held in the premises, a couple of theses are being defended, and all the lighting in the library is being replaced. This is in addition to the core activities of the library – the daily flow of students and others who use the library in various ways.

Right now, visitors can also see an exhibition on the University's work with sustainable development, created by library staff. 

Exhibition on the Arena in the library
Exhibition on the Arena in the library. Moa Hedbrant
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