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Esra Cicekli

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Esra Cicekli has completed a BA in Translation and Interpreting at Bogazici University, the "Turkish Harvard". She has worked as a professional translator and as an educational consultant, and she is currently employed as an English teacher by Turkey's Police Academy, who are sponsoring her MA study period. Her future plans include the writing of a PhD thesis that will focus on Tony Kushner's Angels in America.

"I have studied two courses in Irish Literature: The Body and Desire in Contemporary Irish Poetry and Ireland in Film and Drama. Although I enjoyed every single course I have taken so far, I can say without hesitation that Ireland in Film and Drama is my favorite course. It has given me much more than I can expect from a single course. In "Ireland in Film and Drama" we did not only read drama and see films, but also learned new theories and film terminology, improved our skills to analyze literary texts and films and apply the theories to the works. We were also given the opportunity to read each other's assignments and give and receive feedback online and discuss with each other in the seminars. As the seminars were held in a multinational environment and each of the course members (re)presented a different perspective, understanding and culture, seminars were invaluable in terms of experience and broadening our perspectives.

I should also add that I appreciate the facilities supplied by the school. DUCIS arranged special film viewings for Ireland in Film and Drama course members and showed the films in the modern cinema of Högskolan Dalarna's Media House. The seminars were shared by two lecturers who are both highly specialized and knowledgeable in their fields. We also had a seminar with a guest lecturer who inspired us highly. Seminars would not have been so fruitful if the lecturers had not been so friendly, supportive and enthusiastic about guiding and teaching. I would like to thank them for this splendid academic experience."

Judith Göth

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"My academic background is a Master of Arts in English from Uppsala University from 1998. During my professional life I first taught French for a number of years in the US in the Wisconsin State University system and after coming to Sweden, mainly English as a Second Language at Sigtuna Folkhogskola. At Sigtuna I was head teacher of a full-time English course for 25 years. During this time I developed contacts with The Dublin School of English, which organized 14-day study trips for our students. I was able then to accompany my students on at least 10 of these trips and therefore came into closer contact with Ireland.

When I retired in 2006, I looked around for distance courses for my own enjoyment and thanks to Florina, I found my way to DUCIS. I have now completed two courses, one on the short story and one on the novel. I found both of these courses very inspiring, mainly because of their depth: I never expected to come into contact with such difficult and different pieces of literature as were presented on the courses, but I loved every minute. I felt that I grew a lot through the kindness and interest of the teachers as well as through the Marratech sessions.

For the future: I would like to continue with more courses at DUCIS. This spring I will be working one day a week at an international school here in Kalmar where I live. They were particularly interested in my Irish experience and have promised to send me to Dublin during the term to develop a study programme for their students."

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