Alina's Sweet Job

After completing the Master's Programme in Business Studies with an International Focus in June 2018, Alina used the knowledge and experience she gained from her studies to secure a job.

I work as a Junior Sales Manager for Chocal Packaging Solutions close to Stuttgart in Germany. The company produces packaging solutions for chocolate figures (like chocolate Santas, Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs) and also sells the machines that are needed for packing the chocolate.

My Studies Definitely Helped

First of all, I think the programme helped me to grow as a person, to become more reflective and to think about topics from different perspectives, as well as to become more self-confident. During my job interview, the company liked my international experience, too. There are also international clients and it was therefore an advantage to be experienced in working together with people from different countries and to be able to deal successfully with cultural differences.

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