Following the studies André joined a large and internationally well-recognized company

Following the studies at the Master's Programme in Business Studies André joined a large and internationally well-recognized company.

Already some time before the programme was going to end, I was well aware the time has come to consider the next steps. I knew in which direction I wanted to go so I deliberately made use of my personal network I have built over the past years while studying and working. Ultimately, I received a job offer from one of the Big Four companies – PwC in Germany which I accepted. I am now working in the Financial Services Assurance team. Among others, the team works in banking consultancy.

A brief retrospect of the studies

Dalarna University indeed helped me in many ways. One specific feature of the programme I want to highlight is that you work independently and get support and guidance when you need it and ask for it. This skill is required in almost every job and using it wisely helps you advance your career. An important tip for any future student of the programme is to plan ahead so you can use your time to explore the surroundings or do some nice travels without the need to work too long hours. Looking back from the perspective of an alumni, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to study at Dalarna University. The international experience you gain during the programme is incredible and you learn to cope with different cultures from all over the world and make friends with people you would have maybe never met. And who knows, maybe one day you are going to work in the same company with one of your fellow students.

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