Bernd's Good Student Days

Bernd remembers the good times he had at Dalarna University that led to friendships the world over. Currently, he works for KEYENCE, a company at the forefront of factory automation.

The master's programme helped me in several different ways. 

First, I broadened my mindset and I now see specfically global and/or political problems with a wider perspective. That really helped me to understand everything better. Second, my confidence grew. I am really proud that I completed the programme. I know that if I work hard, I can reach my high goals and that it is all about the effort you put in. The more effort, the better the results.  

Also important are the people I met and friends I made in Sweden. It became a little home for us. Visiting all the nice places and the nature made the time really special.

Easy Communication with Lecturers

I recall how relaxed communication with lecturers was. I had the feeling that they enjoy teaching - that they value us, their students, as individuals. Their friendliness helped us to learn better. Even if the campus building and Borlänge itself aren't that nice, the staff and students made it nice to study there. 

A really good tip for future students is to start directly with all the work you get. We did that from day one so that we never had a stressful night before having to submit an assignment and had time to travel. I think that's one key to success. The other is to follow instructions in detail. Follow these tips and you can't fail the programme.

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