Travel To and In Dalarna

The location of Dalarna makes for easy travel within Sweden by train, with several leaving Stockholm each day from Falun and Borlänge. Buses and trains also run regularly between both campuses and throughout Dalarna. For new students, we offer a pick-up service at the start of the semester.

From Arlanda Airport

This is Stockholm's main international airport is. It is situated about 35 km north of Stockholm. You can take a train directly from the airport, with no changes, to both Falun and Borlänge.

Go to Sky City, the central area of the airport (follow the signs). SJ (Swedish Railway) has a service desk in the central area of Sky City close to the shops. You can buy tickets there in the automatic machines. You can also book ahead on, but you can only use the ticket on the train you booked it for (something to consider with the potential for flight delays and baggage problems), so give yourself plenty of time between landing and your train departure.

A lift from Sky City takes you down to the railway platform, located underground. There are several departures to Borlänge/Falun each day. The trip takes about 2 hours to Borlänge/2 hours 20 minutes to Falun.

From Nyköping/Skavsta

Airport buses run from Skavsta Airport to Cityterminalen – the main railway/bus station in central Stockholm.

Trains and Buses

Borlänge's train/bus station is called Resecentrum and is located in central Borlänge (15-minute walk from campus). Falun's train station is also called Resecentrum: the area (outdoor drop-off and pick-up point) to get the bus from central Falun is called Knutpunkten.

Pick-Up Service

See our pick-up service webpage for detailed information and please note that you need to reserve a place.

Between Falun and Borlänge and Within Dalarna

By Bus

During business hours, Dalatrafik buses run between campuses every 20  minutes. The trip takes about 35 minutes. It is easier to take the bus than the train for travel between campuses.

If you travel frequently, but not every day, then buy a travel card (resekort) and put credit on it (reskassa). Using the reskassa system is cheaper than buying an individual ticket each trip. This is the case even for in-town travel. If you are between 20 and 25, then your discount is even greater when you use the reskassa system, so be sure to state your age but also be ready to show ID (to prove your age).

By Train

The train between the Falun and Borlänge train stations takes about 15 minutes. It is then about a 15-minute walk from each station to the respective campus. You can also find information about local trains on Dalatrafik's website. Note once again that it is easier to take the bus between campuses.

By Taxi

You may need a taxi upon your arrival at the Falun or Borlänge train station. Although there are often taxis parked outside the stations, the numbers you can call are 023-153 00 (Falun) and 0243-22 88 00 (Borlänge).

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