Research Project: When the electric car moves in! - The social and technical potential with coordinated control of heat pumps and electric car charging in single-family homes

Project leader
Carolina Hiller, RISE
Project Members
Chris Bales
Magdalena Kania Lundholm
Erik Lundberg
Therese Olsson
Project Period
Project Status
Homes' energy and power use are affected by the ongoing electrification of the car fleet
as cars are charged at home. This increases homes' electricity use and the risk of high
power peaks with simultaneous use of large power consumers, which applies to homes
with both electric car charging and heat pump. As network companies also introduce
price models with fees based on power peaks, a need arises for households, who
previously did not have to consider when they use electricity, to be able to control their
use to keep costs down. The project takes an interdisciplinary approach and examines both the technical and social potential of coordinated control of heat pumps and electric car charging in single family homes to reduce households' power peaks and costs for energy and power while
considering the everyday practices of the residents. In collaboration with industry,
increased knowledge and strategies for coordinated control is gained, which is useful for
both industry and households.
Research Profile
Energy and Built Environments
Political Science
Energy Technology