Erik Lundberg

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Associate Professor
Political Science School of Culture and Society
Senior Lecturer Political Science
Political Science School of Culture and Society


I am an associate professor in political science and head representative of the political science department at Dalarna University. My research concerns a number of issues in political science.

Among the issues that have interested me most are the role of civil society in and for democracy, political engagement and interpersonal attitudes. 

Collaboration with the surrounding society is something that permeates my work and I am happy to participate in collaborations and dialogues where insights from academia can contribute to a positive societal development. 

Alongside my career in academia, I have also worked in a number of government inquiries and agencies.

I completed my PhD at Örebro University in 2014 and have been a visiting researcher at the Institute for Social Research in Norway and Aarhus University in Denmark.


Over the years, I have taught at all levels in political science and developed a number of different courses. Most of my teaching in recent years has concerned civil society, political participation, public administration, political culture and social science methods. I have also had the privilege of supervising a number of talented students at bachelor's and master's level, which has resulted in interesting essays.

Course Coordinator


I have done research on a number of different things. My most recent and current research is on the political socialization of young people. In a project funded by the Swedish Research Council, I am investigating the role of experiences during adolescence on how political engagement is manifested as a young adult. By following up on one of the world's most comprehensive studies on youth socialization, we want to understand more about the mechanisms and processes during adolescence that can promote political engagement as an adult.

In addition, I am also the project leader for a research program on civic engagement in Sweden. The research program is conducted at Marie Cederschiöld University and is a central part of the research on Swedish civil society.

Another research project deals with the participation of interest groups in commissions of inquiry in the Nordic countries and is conducted together with researchers at Aarhus University, the Institute for Social Research and the University of Pittsburg.

Another research theme is about civil society's contribution to democracy. In one project I examined the role of civil society engagement in the development of young people's social trust and tolerance, and another project focused on how civil society responses to violent extremism in local communities.

Research projects