Research Project: Solar power sharing building community, Smart electric vehicle charging, Community-to- Vehicle-to-Community (C2V2C)

Project leader
Pei Huang
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Mengjie Han
Xingxing Zhang
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Deployment of photovoltaics (PV) and electric vehicles (EVs) are both increasing in the built environment. To avoid (i) the large-scale upgrading of the existing grid system and (ii) high electricity costs caused by unregulated loads and unwanted power feed-in, a resource-efficient and cost-effective way is coupling PV power sharing and smart EV charging. This can enhance the local electrical balance in building communities (i.e., a group of neighboring buildings connected in a microgrid) and distribution grid. This project proposes a novel model, which facilitates the optimal coupling of the PV power sharing and smart EV charging, considering the spatio-temporal power regulating needs and complex energy systems. This project will first study the typical EV parking patterns in different types of buildings in Sweden. Then, coordinated controls and novel business models, which optimally couple the PV power sharing and smart EV charging, will be developed. Next, the robustness of the C2V2C model will be studied by analyzing the impacts of various factors on its techno-economic performances. This work will construct a data repository and form new knowledge to promote the sustainable and resilient development of building communities in future cities.
PV, EV, energidelning, elektromobilitet, P2P. energidelningsgemenskap, PV, EV, energy sharing, electromobility, P2P. energy sharing community
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Energy and Built Environments
Energy Technology