Research Project: Mathematics Instruction for Written Communication

Project leader
Ola Helenius, Göteborgs universitet
Project Members
Anna Teledahl
Linda Ahl, Götebrogs universitet
Cecilia Kilhamn, Göteborgs universitet
Project Period
Project Status
The project is about students' writing in mathematics. The goal is to develop a teaching model that can be used to develop students' writing. This is done using two main tools. The first is a separation in time and space between a lesson that deals with problem solving and discussions about the method to solve the problem and a lesson that deals with discussions about the students' written accounts based on the question of what is good written communication in mathematics. The second tool is a framework that describes different aspects of quality in written mathematical communication. The framework should help teachers and students distinguish different parts of writing so that they can discuss them.
skrivande, matematik, writing, mathematics
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Education and Learning
Mathematics Education