Anna Teledahl

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Senior Lecturer Mathematics Education
Didactics of Mathematics School of Teacher Education
Didactics of Mathematics School of Teacher Education

I teach in Teacher Education courses and I do research in Mathematics Education. My two main research projects deal with students' writing in mathematics and assessment practices, respectively.

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I have a background as a science and mathematics teacher at the junior high school where I worked for 15 years. During my career, I have also been involved in union work and worked as a mathematics developer in Falun Municipality. I completed my doctoral education within the graduate school Technologybased Knowledge Processes (TKP), which was a collaboration between Dalarna University and Örebro University.


I teach in all teacher education programs mostly about mathematics, mathematics education and assessment in school.

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Course Coordinator


I work with several different research projects. A project deals with students' writing in mathematics and how teachers can teach to develop this writing. Another project is about high school teachers' assessment practices and differences between how Swedish and Mathematics teachers describe their respective practices for assessing and grading. Another longitudinal project is on how teachers provide feedback to students during problem-solving work.

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