Research Project: Auto characterization of PEDs for digital references towards iterative process optimisation (PED-ACT)

Project leader
Xingxing Zhang
Project Members
Mengjie Han
Pei Huang
Puneet Saini
Juveria Shah
Project Period
Project Status
Positive Energy District (PED) is component towards climate neutrality and smart cities. PED-ACT project focuses on the process optimization for enhanced stakeholders cooperation and reinforced decision-making. PED-ACT contributes to standardisation of the database of existing PEDs (planned, designed or implemented) with a focus on Sweden, Turkey and Austria. PED-ACT further applies machine learning approach to extract useful characterization from the database and creates digital PED references by mapping stakeholders’ needs and priorities in cities of Borlänge/Umeå (Sweden), Ankara/Karsiyaka (Turkey) and the county of Lower Austria (Austria). PED-ACT pursues bilateral learning and co-design strategies among different cities for wide replication of PEDs towards ‘climate-neutrality and smart cities’ goals.
Research Profile
Energy and Built Environments
Energy Technology
Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Scientific and Technological Research Center of Turkey