Research Project: Network on Digitalization of Care in Later Life: A Digital Twin for Better Ageing and Care

Project leader
Johan Borg
Project Members
Marie Elf
Kevin McKee
Susanna Nordin
Yves Rybarczyk
Project Period
Project Status
The purpose of the proposed network was to develop multidisciplinary collaboration among researchers from the two research profiles Health and welfare and Complex systems – microdata analysis at Dalarna University, and the four disciplines/subject areas medical science, microdata analysis, nursing and social work. The goal of the network was to develop at least one project application for external funding on eHealth and care of older people. The plan was that the application would address the development, validation and evaluation of a ‘digital twin’ of person-centred care provision for older people.
Research Profile
Health and Social Welfare
Medical Science
Microdata Analysis
Social Work
Högskolan Dalarna