Research Project: Built Environments to support rehabilitation for patients with stroke - From the hospital to the home (B Sure)

Project leader
Marie Elf
Project Members
Johan Håkansson
Maya Kylén
Tony Svensson
Julie Bernhardt, Florey Institute Melbourne University
Ruby Lipson-Smith, Florey Institute Melbourne University
Helene Pessah-Rasmussen, Lunds Universitet
Steven Schmidt , Lunds Universitet
Project Period
Project Status
There is a fundamental transformation of healthcare where care and rehabilitation aim
to be provided outside the specialized hospitals closer to the person and often also at
home i.e., local healthcare (Nära vård). This new policy is not only a challenge for
people with complex healthcare conditions but also for the planners of our communities
and healthcare services. Rehabilitation at home can support the health and well-being of
people with functional limitations such as stroke, but we also see evidence of society
being unprepared to fully support this. Surprisingly, little attention has been given to how
the built environment can support the rehabilitation and people's health and their ability
to live an active life. To address this, we need both knowledge of important aspects of
the environment for the rehabilitation process and innovative new models. We assume
this can be created with efficient collaboration between various actors such as the
users, regions, municipalities and the building sector. Our overarching aim is to produce
knowledge of requirements on rehabilitation-supportive built environments as a result of
the transformation to local healthcare. This can constitute the basis for strategic
planning and actions for socially sustainable community environments. The project is
carried out with participation co-design and includes literature studies, interviews with
stakeholders, prototype development and testing.
Samskapande processer, stroke, rehabiliteringsmiljöer, God och Nära vård, Co-design, stroke, rehabilitation environment, local healthcare
Research Profile
Health and Social Welfare